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Niche Lane on the Road!

Min and I decided it was hide time (sorry, can't resist a good leather pun) to road test a couple of Niche Lane bags, so we thought we would take one or two on an outing to visit some friends in Luxembourg and Germany for a long weekend. To keeps costs and faff time to a minimum, we didn't want to take any hold luggage, so everything needed to be able to fit in the overhead lockers and we needed to ensure we were not caught foul by the two bag rule.



So we decided I would take a Niche Lane Leather Holdall, the Aviator, for all my clothes and other essentials and Min would take the iPouch for our passports, money, ipad, iphone, headphone, charger and a few other bits and bobs you always need to have with you. Everything fitted perfectly, and no trouble with luggage size, despite cramming as much in as I could.



The iPouch also doubled up as a day bag for us when we went out and about. We took a few snaps with our friends modelling the bags for us. Take a look. Thanks C & F.