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The men's fashion books you have to read!

While glancing around the fashion section of a book shop, you will often find shelves littered with beautiful coffee table books on women’s fashion.  Female fashion icons dominate the space with endless references to Parisian chic, femme fatale style and 20th century stars- an engaging book on menswear however, is a little harder to find. 


At Niche Lane we’re constantly looking for style inspiration, whether it's through Pinterest, online blogs or simply on the streets.  That being said, sometimes there’s no better place to look for references than in a good, old-fashioned coffee table book.  Here are three of our go-to men's fashion books.  The fact that all three books are written by the same author only came to light after planning this blogpost! So when it comes to menswear and accessories, the author Josh Sims must really know his stuff.

  1. Men of Style

Sims explores the famous figures whose style is synonymous with their public identity. Think Bowie, JFK, even Pablo name a menswear fashion icon and it’s almost guaranteed to be in this book.  Icons of Men’s Style is ideal for those who are enamoured with classic figures whose notable style continues to influence to this day.





  1. Icons of Men’s Style

In this book the author looks delves into the masculine wardrobe, discussing iconic items of clothing rather than the people who wear them.  From the classic biker jacket to the brogue and even the controversial Hawaiian shirt (the buttons of which are traditionally carved from its native country’s coconut) this book has it all.  More nuggets of information can be found in this informative and engaging book if you're not already hooked by the beautiful aesthetics.




  1. The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories

Lovers of cuff links, ties and bags rejoice- Sims has given full attention to the all-too-neglected items in menswear fashion books.  As leather and accessory aficionado’s ourselves, we were particularly enthralled with the concept of an entire book dedicated to beautiful men’s accessories. You’ll find all of your favourite images in this book, including the iconic shot of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with his famous satchel.  It wouldn’t be an accessories book without it!