Leather Cream

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We craft our bags in a way that ensures the leather is as un-processed as possible. The result is a beautiful, natural leather bag that gets better with age as the leather softens and deepens in colour.  

It also means that the bag is prone to scuffs and marks, and while we think these imperfections add a unique character to the product, you may want to revive your Niche Lane bag after a long period of use. That's where the FAMACO Créme de Beauté comes in! The tinted cream is marketed at leather shoes however we find it works wonders on our bags! 

For our Tan coloured leather, we recommend shade 301 TAN MANGO. For our Coffee coloured leather, we recommend shade 383 BROWN VISION.

Remove dirt with a brush. Apply a little cream. Allow to dry, then buff with a soft cloth.