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Best Dressed Dads

Dad and style aren’t two words that are usually put together. Crocs, ill-fitting jeans and plaid shirts are just a few of the fashion faux pas that spring to mind when you think of typical Dad style.

At Niche Lane, we have decided to disprove this theory and curate a selection of mens style icons that also happen to be Dads. In fact, some of the most stylish men gracing the pages of GQ and The Rake are also nappy-changing, little-league-coaching Fathers!

When we’re styling our beautiful leather bags, these are the men we look to for style inspiration:


Ryan Reynolds

The Dad who seems to have it all. Not only does Ryan Reynolds have a beautiful family and a wicked sense of humour, but his sense of style is on point too. This Canadian knows how to rock the All-American spirit.




Will Smith

The Fresh Prince has been leading the way in the style stakes since the 90s. Nowadays you’re more likely to catch Will in a rakish suit than a his signature hip-hop style but we’ve loved watching his transformation.



David Beckham

Every woman wants him and every man wants to be him. That was definitely the case when Becks showed up looking incredibly dapper at the Royal Wedding, causing quite a stir. Never one to shy away from the latest trends, David Beckham will forever be a style icon to hundreds of men around the world.



Jeff Goldblum

This quirky crooner just seems to get better with age. From the all-black get-up in Jurassic Park to his modern day ode to the rockabilly.  The GQ sweetheart brings so much personality to his outfits and is a champion to those looking to stay stylish in their golden years.