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Vegetable Tanned Leather Care

Monstera Tan is a division of Niche Lane Ltd. that specialises in vegetable tanned leather bags and accessories.

For every day maintenance, wipe clean with a damp cloth. To maintain the original look of the leather, apply neutral or matching colour leather cream on a dry, clean sponge/cloth and rub evenly over the bag until completely worked in. This will refresh the leather and helps protect the leather from cracking; it also seals the leather for mild weather resistance (it will slightly darken the leather slightly and enhance the beautiful lustre of the leather).

The leather will naturally soften as you use it. Avoid getting your bag wet and keep in a cool dry place. If it does get wet, dry in a warm room, away from heat sources . Once dry, apply the leather cream as above. 

Avoid any contacts with oily or acidic substances as these will stain the leather.  Avoid catching the bag on hard or sharp objects as it will leave scratches on the surface of the leather.  To prevent mildew, do not store long-term in a humid environment.