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Vegetable Tanned Cow Leather

Monstera Tan is a division of Niche Lane Ltd. that specialises in vegetable tanned leather bags and accessories. 

Vegetable tanned leather refers to the method of tanning the hide into leather. It’s called “vegetable” because of the plant-based elements used in the tanning process such as oak bark, fruit and small tree branches. Since there are no chemical components which are added during vegetable tanning process, it’s also environmentally friendly. As such, even if the water used in the process is discharged into rivers and lakes, there are less or no consequences to the environment. Additionally, the tanning process uses the plant powder which is less harmful to workers.

We love natural leather and that is why we choose vegetable tanned leather which has minimal treatment and coatings added to the leather; this means the natural grains and blemishes in the skin sometimes show through.  Any variation in shading and slight marks in the surface texture and appearance are natural characteristics and make each item unique.  The leather is therefore prone to marking and scuffing, just like leather should be.