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Our Big Photoshoot! Behind-the-scenes

Here is a sneak peak, behind the scenes of our latest catalogue for Niche Lane featuring our core collection and some exciting new items!

The months leading up to our shoot day were incredibly busy, it was up to us to arrange our big shoot day with our photographer Natasha and also scout locations around Cardiff for the studio shots as well as the look book series. We had a specific idea of what we wanted, the difficult part was bringing our mood-board to life.

As soon as we visited BEWT studios and the wonderful Portland House in Cardiff Bay, we knew it was the one for us.  The neo-classical architecture of the building provided us with the perfect backdrop for the rich leather bags and was filled with natural light.  Not to mention, the cool marble and stone walls contrasted beautifully with the warm tones of our coffee and tan leather bags.  Given that our brand ethos is all about stylish, minimalist design, it was important to us that our chosen venue also reflect our brand values.  It had to be clean and it had to be unfussy.  Mostly people look to London for their fashion photoshoots but if you look hard enough, you can come across some hidden gems in Cardiff.

The morning of the shoot we gathered at Quantum cafe in Cardiff Bay for a morning briefing session with the team.  We analysed the photoshoot checklist, referenced the moodboard one last time and delegated tasks to each person.  Given that we had limited number of hours at the studio, it was vital that we use our time as efficiently as possible.

The first thing on the list was to secure studio shots of every single one of our products.  This was the most laborious but possibly most important task of the day as the images of the leather bags featured on our website will inevitable be the window to our brand. 

Later on we were able to move on to the more creative aspect of the shoot, the lifestyle images.  Thankfully our lovely intern Jane volunteered to model for us! We're very lucky that both of our interns are very multi-talented, Issie is a pro behind the camera.

Before we knew it, our time at the venue was up! The photoshoot was long and hectic but also incredibly fun.  Getting to work as a team and bring our little ideas to life was definitely worth all of the hard work. 

For more details about our wonderful photographer Natasha, check out her Facebook page here