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Valentine's Campaign - Behind-the-scenes!


Friday’s are always exciting at Niche Lane HQ as we're usually joined by our interns and that means it's shoot day! So to anyone who's interested in working for a fashion brand, here’s a little glimpse into an average shoot day.

9am and our day begins with a cup of tea or coffee and a morning meeting where we discuss our aims for the campaign.  We take this time to share our moodboards and ideas, it’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing.


Once we have our plan for the day we set out to buy props and scout locations for the shoot.  In this case we needed Valentine’s-appropriate props that weren’t overly girly and an appropriate setting. We soon found out there’s a fine line between romantic and just plain cheesy.

When it comes to location shoots, more often than not we find ourselves at cool coffee shops around Cardiff. The aesthetic lends itself to the Niche Lane brand but also, free coffee! It’s really what fuels our day, you’ve got to keep those energy levels high on a shoot day.


Thankfully our friend and wonder-barista Joe (@coffee_by_joe) was able to supply us with some really beautiful latte art for our campaign.  We gave him the brief and he certainly did not disappoint! Nothing says romance quite like a couple of foamy swans.

Next on the itinerary was the studio shoot.  The stars of the Valentine’s shoot were the Ryton in Coffee and the Classic satchel in Tan.  We wanted to keep the look sleek and minimal just like the bags so we kept to our theme of red, white and neutrals.


Getting the perfect shot requires a lot of dedication from the photographer and shoot manager.  It’s the little details, like a placement of a shoulder strap or the arrangement of a bouquet that really make all the difference when it comes to a brand campaign. You wouldn’t believe some of the positions we get into to get that shot but thankfully our co-workers don’t mind the total re-arranging of furniture in the office and occasional climbing of tables...we even get them involved sometimes!



While shoot days can be quite full-on with the changing environments, meeting deadlines and endless bouncing of ideas- they’re often the best days as there is never a dull moment.  No matter what, our main goal is to convey the brand’s values and the amazing quality of the bags through our campaigns, being able to share our work with you online is the cherry on top!



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