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Make It Yours - Our Embossing Service

What is embossing? With our embossing service, you can make your bag or accessory even more special by adding your name or initials. At Niche Lane we pride ourselves on our personal service; from purchase to delivery you know your product is personalised to you each step of the way.




We emboss our bags using the font Times New Roman and you can choose from four different styles; Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Blind. 

The finish of the embossing varies depending on the grain and texture of the leather. Please note that small grooves and creases in the leather affect the appearance of the foil.



Letters & Symbols

Add letters and symbols to your bag for something fun and personal. We offer the Latin Alphabet (A-Z in capital letters) in the font Times New Roman. Capital letters are 6.3 mm high.  



& . ,


 Some letters may appear to have wider spaces between them but this is simply due to the shape of some letters and symbols. Please note that the spacing and height of your embossing may vary slightly as every bag is pressed individually. Our team work hard to ensure your bespoke embossing is as well aligned as possible, but may not be perfectly straight.

Please ensure you check all spelling, grammar and punctuation. We will personalise exactly what you enter online and we cannot accept returns of products that have been personalised.


See some of the bags that are beautifully embossed 


We are not able to accept Returns or Exchanges for items that have been embossed.