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How to Pack a Holdall by Niche Lane


Whether for business or for pleasure, a mini break away can can induce anxiety in even the most seasoned of travellers.  How many pairs of shoes will I need? If I sacrifice the dinner jacket, will a blazer suffice? Will the holdall even fit in the cabin? These are the questions that often come up when a weekend away is looming. 

So we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that will make the packing experience as painless as possible so you can get on with the real reason for your mini-trip away.

1. Choosing the vessel.

First thing’s first, you must find the right bag.   It’s no secret that your choice of luggage says a lot about you and can be considered somewhat of a status symbol.  Investing in a holdall that covers both your practical and style needs is worth thinking about.

At Niche Lane our beautifully crafted Aviator and Pioneer holdalls are designed to comply with most airline cabin size requirements and come in either coffee or tan leather.  The sleek design and multiple compartments of the bag make it an ideal choice for a weekend away or simply a trip to the gym.


2. Edit your wardrobe.

Creating a capsule wardrobe may be the most important tip when it comes to packing efficiently.  A holdall consisting of staple items in a purposefully chosen palette allows you to easily mix and match various garments and make the most of your limited space.  It may be time to re-think packing that statement piece that hasn’t left your wardrobe in over a year- think economically!


3. Stand-by Toiletries

It’s always a good idea to have a fully-stocked wash bag filled with your essential toiletries on stand-by, ready to go at a moment’s notice.  Most brands offer miniature versions of their best-selling products or you can easily decant your favourite toiletries into 100ml containers, it’s also worth doubling up on essential items such as toothbrushes and contact lens cases. The point is to minimise any last-minute stress that often comes with travel and to save yourself searching for a random drugstore upon arriving at your destination.


4. Maximise the space you do have.

Every nook and cranny in your holdall serves as valuable storage space, utilise it.  You’ve probably heard this one from your granny, but it still holds true: roll underwear and socks into your shoes to avoid taking up any unnecessary space.  Another tip would be to wear your bulkier items such as jumpers and winter coats.  A scarf can always double up as a wrap when it gets cold on the plane. 


5. Stick to essentials.

It’s easy to go overboard when it comes to planning your mini-break wardrobe but in reality, you only need to stick to the essentials, for example, two pairs of shoes will do, one formal and one casual.  Go for versatility! A classic oxford shirt can be dressed up or down and will always look elegant. Stick to these golden rules and you may even have space to pack some holiday purchases!

So there you have it, five tips that prove that practicality doesn’t have to compromise your style.  It all starts with a good holdall, shop our Aviator and Pioneer bags here: