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Niche Lane Shoot!

Having your own company is fantasic fun and hard work, but above all a massive learning experience. The proverbial 'they' say that you never stop learning, and this cannot be more true. We have leant so much since our journey began, from how to create a website, to how may 'walls' a carboard box can have to the vast array of different leathers and treatments that can be applied - but one of the greatest challenges we have faced is taking photo's.

It it so difficult to find the right angle to show off the bags well, find the right shot to put the bag in the right perspective and light, and by far the biggest challenge we faced taking photos oursleves back in the day, was to get the colour right to truly show you, the most important people on our journey, what the bags really look like.

Well, thankfully those days have long since passed and we have recently been working with one of Wales' brightest talents, Natasha Ford has done a fantastic job shooting our new Buffalo Collection.



We spent the day with Natasha last weekend and had a great time. Natasha was engaging and really listented to what we wanted and helped us to show the natural beauty of the bags in a way which really complemented them.

We are really pleased and can't thank Natasha enough for all her hard work. We hope you agree they look great. Please leave your comments below and please do check out Natasha's website when you have a chance.

Speacial thanks also to Natasha's assistant, Briony, and our model, Damien, for all their help in capturing some fantastic shots