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The Digital Garage Comes to Cardiff!

The digital marketing world is a vast and ever-changing space that has revolutionised the way we reach our audiences. Whether you’re a start-up, a big franchise or simply a home-blogger, digital marketing is key for building an online presence.

Thankfully, the Digital Garage by Google has popped up in Cardiff and so digital marketing tips, tricks and answers are just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Niche Lane office! Here’s how our experience has gone so far…


• The Garage offers seminars on various aspects of online marketing from creating your brand’s story to growing your business with organic search- there’s something for everyone! The talks are informal, engaging and anyone can drop by for a listen!



• The folks at the Garage also offer one-to-one sessions with their digital marketing experts so they can answer your more specific queries. At Niche Lane for example, we sat down with Sam to better understand the Google Analytics console and to test the user-friendliness of our website!



• Everyone at the Digital Garage is friendly and always ready to help, no matter the question. We’re becoming real regulars at the Garage, so much so that we’re on first-name basis with a lot of the experts!

The service provided by the Digital Garage is totally free and available for everyone, all you have to do is sign up online, you can find a link here:

It’s well worth a visit even if you consider yourself to be pretty tech-savvy, with regular guest speakers from Google- you never know what you might learn.